Alexander & Associates, PLC
is a Bakersfield, California based law firm.  

While primarily focused in the Central and Southern California regions, the firm’s practice includes representation of clients in State and Federal Courts throughout California.  The firm has a great deal of complex litigation experience, as well as transactional experience, and will be pleased to provide you with more detailed information upon request.  The firm has litigated against the largest firms in California and elsewhere with a great success. When necessary, the firm affiliates with larger firms for the purpose of litigation support. The firm also utilizes experienced contract attorneys from time-to-time to assist with workloads. 

The firm is well on its way as a complete digital office.  All documents generated and received by the firm are scanned and converted to digital documents.  The firm is very strong in information technology, both in hardware, software, and legal research and analysis. 

Any requested references will be provided.  The same holds true for information on trial results, settlements, and mediations.  Prospective clients are encouraged to contact members of the local judiciary and legal community for information relating to the experience, reputation and results of the firm.

Alexander & Associates, PLC
1925 G Street
Bakersfield, California  93301
Phone:  661-316-7888

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